Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Confession time

1. I once threw out a dirty cloth nappy because I couldn't bring myself to clean it. (Excuses: I've only done it once, it had been sitting forgotten in a nappy bag for a few days first, and when I opened it with intentions to clean it I just knew it wasn't worth it.)

2. I have thought about throwing out a dirty cloth nappy rather than cleaning it many times.

3. I use my husbands razor. I confessed to him a while ago and we reached the happy compromise of having different blades. Although, to tell the truth, I hardly ever switch to my blade when I use it. I just found that even the same brand of razor's female equivalent, with the same number of blades and everything, never did as good a job.

4. When we moved in to our current house over a year ago, amongst the rearranging and placing of things we were left with a couple extra screws in the bathroom. Maybe from hanging the dryer in there...? Anyway, they've been sitting on a ledge all this time getting rusty, and today I threw them out. I hope we don't need them again. So nice to have that little spot clear.

5. I made cookies today because Theo's coming up to a square on his reward chart that says "3 cookies". After consuming 5 small, 1 medium, 1 disgustingly huge and another half of a huge one I realised why I don't bake cookies as much as other things. As you put it Erika "They're the most edible". I felt disgusting for half an hour then skipped dinner except for carrots. Still full.

6. I, and the children, ate plenty of cookie dough today. I did put a cap on eventually because I've learned from experience that too much dough before hand spoils the cookie that follows.

7. While slicing cheese for sandwiches at lunch time I dropped a chunk of cheese on the floor. Then I picked it up and ate it. I had mopped not more than an hour and a half earlier. And if you live in NZ then you'll understand the true value of cheese.

8. While Theo was at Kindy today and Nat took Sadie out for a date, I sat down for some cinnamon sugar on toast before starting at my chores. It's so wrong when Theo asks to have sugar on toast. But it's so good when I have it. The power of example eh? Not the best day for me eating-wise today.


  1. You have inspired me to have cinnamon toast for breakfast. I was thinking of WheatBix. But nah.

  2. 1. Completely acceptable.
    2. Ditto.
    3. This sounds familiar. (Ssssh!)
    4. /shaking head
    5. Oh, Erika.
    6. It only spoils the cookie because you realise the dough tastes better than the cookies ever will and when you eat them, you wish you hadn't wasted all that delicious dough in an oven.
    7. See 1 and 2. Unmopped even, I'd do it (so long as it looked clean and it was my floor.
    8. I'm having some as soon as nap/blog-time is over. Thanks!