Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Exclusive Club

About 5 years ago I gained membership into An Exclusive Club.

We have membership rings and everything.

Last night I said to Nat:

"If I went on The X Factor and got into the top twelve..."

Nat: "Yeah?"

Me: "I would take the iPad."

It would be my internet access, like taking a laptop, only better.

Nat: "Well if you go on The X Factor and get into the top twelve, then you can take the iPad."

And that is a pretty typical conversation here in Headquarters. We're all on the same page.


  1. Funny. Hey sorry to bother you but still any chance of getting the pork recipe with the oyster sauce and bok choy that looked really good? The avocado thing sounds good too - they are $14 something a kg here and although I bought 2 in from a fruit and veg order from Cairns I just tonight threw out half that I kept opening the container - "oh that's what's in ther" and then repeating the exercise. What a waste. Enjoy your humor. The cookie dough sounds great. My almost 2 year old son loves to help in the kitchen but I really think it is because he wants to lick the bowl, and the spoon, and then dip it in again:)

  2. Ha - me and Luke were married on 25th September in 2004... Just celebrated 6 years of married bliss ;-)!!!!

  3. hilarious. I love reading these little communications between you two.