Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So tonight at approximately 7:20pm, the kids were asleep and Nat had gone out to meet his boys and I thought I'd take a ridiculously long shower. No one waiting for me to get out and no one to save hot water for. So that's just what I did.

After a while, I started thinking about all the things I could do with my evening, which had been labelled as "free" right next to my "to do" list in my imaginary diary. I was having such a great time that I started to sing. Which I don't normally do. I really don't. I used to when I lived at my parents house, singing in the shower was a given. But I really hadn't had the inclination to in a while. It was nice. I had a good sing to myself. I thought this evening was turning out swimmingly.

Finally the hot water ran out and I got out of the shower to hear... Crying... Not the neighbours kids... Coming from the bedroom. The kids bedroom, which is right next to the bathroom. So "right next" to the bathroom that it's impossible to get any more "next" to their bedroom without standing in the doorway.

Common sense: FAIL. Of course the one time in months that I have the urge to sing in the shower it's the one time that I've taken a shower with two children sleeping in the next room and there's no one else in the house to tell me to pipe down before I wake them.

So I went in to the room and they're both awake and crying and think it's the morning/wish they were sleeping/are extremely offended at being woken/want medicine/water etc. After a lot of running around I ended up with them both on my lap on the armchair, snuggling in while I sang to them. It was a really nice moment. I saw Sadie's little hand burrow for Theo's and in his sleepiness he took it when he would otherwise push it away. And so the three of us sat in the dark holding hands while I sang and they blinked slowly and snuggled in to my shoulders.

After such a nice moment neither one of them wanted to get back in their own beds, and so after a bit more crying we all piled in to the bottom bunk bed for a bit more singing and hopefully some sleep. I thought it would be just the cutest thing for them to fall asleep together.

It was pretty cute. But right when Theo was over the threshold and just barely asleep Sadie decided it would be a good time for a cuddle and face planted on Theo, rudely awakening him for the second time tonight. Now we also had two sore little faces.

Settle the children back to sleep: FAIL.

After half an hour of singing, rocking, cuddling, cajoling, reassuring and general effort I could see they were both getting more and more awake instead of more and more sleepy.

Back in their beds, I said one last goodnight and left the room with them both crying after me, Theo making requests that were extremely tempting because they were so cute ("I want Sadie to sleep with me!" "I want you to come back!"). After half an hour of tag team crying it's finally quiet in there and I am hoping they are both asleep.

It never seems to fail, I find myself some "free time" and then the kids find me a way to fill it. Or from the other angle, what a blessing that before all the major episodes in my children's behavioural ups and downs I manage to clear my schedule and have the time that they need for me to give them.


  1. oh dear

    I want to be sympathetic...and I am but this whole story is just so darn cute.

    Have you put up the kiddies Wall stickers?

    Kisses on their facials


  2. hahaha awwww that is so cute!

    Love the pics too :)

  3. Sorry you missed your free evening, but what a cute story!!!!!

  4. Thanks guys! Yeah totally unrelated photos apart from that they're of the kids. It was a fun (ish) night. Things like that don't happen too often, and even less often I'm in such a good frame of mind to deal with it.