Saturday, September 18, 2010

Recipe Exchange

Earlier this week I sent along a recipe exchange. Two names on the list, you're supposed to send it to 20 people and you'll receive 36 recipes back.

I sent it to "the most likely people who will respond" in the A-B section of my Facebook friends.

2 people declined to participate. I replaced those two with two more.

I received one recipe.

Just one.

I don't normally send forwards on either people. I know they're annoying. But I thought getting new recipes would be useful and fun!

I really appreciate the two people that declined now, because they were honest and told me they didn't want to do it.

Would you have sent it on? Want to send me a recipe anyway? (Click through to my profile to fine my email.)


  1. Here you go :)

  2. Yep, I would have sent it fact I did when it came through my inbox a couple of months ago. And I got a similar result to you. I received 2 recipes. Sigh. So disappointing.

    I'm sorry you had a similar experience with yours!

    Here is my (small but growing) collection...

  3. I would have sent you to my blog and told you to look at any entries tagged "recipes." I am kind of lazy that way.

  4. I got one of these from you years back, I did it and got NO recipes. So I probably would not have done it again. BUT I am super keen for new recipes, we could also make a blog pact to share a new recipe every couple of months etc?

  5. I finally typed up another one - thought you might like this :)

  6. I did one of those once....and had poo results...

    ...and so I ignored your latest email.


  7. Booooo Ange! Not even an EMAIL - and your own SISTER!! Boo!!!

    (luv ya)

  8. I never participate in the recipe exchanges. I love getting and giving new recipes, but there are so many I love I get overwhelmed as to which recipe to give. Main, dessert, salad? Too many decisions.

  9. Thanks for everyone giving me recipes now, or links to recipes on your blogs. Even better! And watch this space for a blog recipe share with Nicole of In My Shoes.

  10. I don't do them anymore for the same reasons... I have tried it 2-3 times, and each time nothing! So now I always politely decline when I get a request!