Friday, September 24, 2010

Things that have made me happy over the past few days

1. New Ugg Boots.
Our "entertainment sponsors" kindly handed these over to Nat yesterday. (For free!). Now I know why people wear their Uggs everywhere, as if they're shoes. I asked Theo yesterday if I could wear them to the park. He said "No. Actually, I think you can if you like. But not today." My father-in-law said "Thank goodness there is someone in the family with some sense. I don't think Ugg runs in our family." Too bad. I think they are anytime/everytime footwear.

2. Sadie used the potty for the first time yesterday. I got it out because I thought the time was nearing and ever since then she loves to perch on her throne for a leisurely sit. But we had our first real action last night before her bath. It was quite exciting. We're not pushing it because we started too early with Theo and so it became a huge and LENGTHY ordeal, but if in the right time and the right place/prompted by Sadie we'll let it happen. Yay for baby steps in that direction.

3. When I was going to hang out a second load of washing yesterday I didn't have enough pegs. I checked the previous load and was delighted to find that after only an hour and a half most of that load was dry, thus availing the needed pegs. YAY for traces of spring/summer creeping in to everyday life.

4. A full nappy drawer. Surely you understand once you see for yourself.


5. I went to the Gleevent with Johanna last night. My dear friend shouted me a fun night out. We were underwhelmed with the show, apart from our friend Trish's numbers. She's always been a star. She was AMAZING in this. But it was a fun, girly night out. We decided mid-show that we needed flowers to present to her at the end of the show, so after a fruitless search in the nearby dairy's during intermission, I rushed out the door and back in my 3-inch heels, running over a kilometre to fetch said flowers. It was a nice moment when we met her and others in the cast and were able to tell them how well they'd done personally. We left out how we thought the general show was a bit sub par, because who wants to hear that after you've just performed your heart out. And really, what made it good was the standouts. That and the Backstreet Boys number. Sent me back to Form 2 faster than listening to Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men.


  1. Great post M. Running in 3 inch heels? Good for you!

  2. Yep Mariah was a champ with the running. We had a SUPER fun time and screamed louder than all the 14 year olds when our Trisha got up on that stage. My voice is still recovering.
    It was like high school all over again...nostalgic sigh

  3. Such a good night out! Thanks Johanna!