Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Singing Blunder

... aka A Disaster of Minor Proportions

So after the last singing blunder I made recently I thought this was worth a mention. Me and my singing antics, getting me into trouble again.

The weather was lovely. I was preparing dinner. I was singing my own soundtrack for such a happy moment. I was opening a couple of packets of frozen veges, getting some ready for cooking. Here comes a high note... Close your eyes, aim for the ceiling, get that finger out AND...

... There is an entire, freshly opened 1kg packet of frozen corn (kernels) all over the kitchen floor.

Nat had gone to pick up fish and chips with Theo, so I called Sadie in to help me pick up the mess before they got home and I got one of those looks from Nat. The type of look that says "What did you do?/ I told you so." Because we both know I shouldn't be closing my eyes and occupying one hand with reaching high notes while trying to open a packet of anything. Luckily, picking up hundreds of tiny, edible things to deposit into a bag with a small opening is just the sort of thing Sadie's in to and we had a happy time.

So now we have to boil our corn instead of microwave it until this packet runs out. Not the biggest deal in the world. Not the brightest day of my domesticity.


  1. Hahaha! This cracks me up! When I would spill frozen vege's at Mum's I'd call the puppy in to the kitchen and say "Oh look what I've got for you Shiya...TREATS!" and she would eat them all up.

  2. oh to be a fly on the wall at your place while youre "in the zone" ;-)