Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Kind Of Giveaway

I've had a busy week which culminated in me falling asleep on the couch from 6:40-7:15pm this evening, even though I had a three year old climbing all over both me and the couch. After waking up and realising I should have put him to bed already and he still had dinner to finish, I got that all done while rubbing my sleepy eyes, set EyeTV to record Camp Rock 2 to watch with my sister Erika later, and now I'm having my first major stint on the internet all week (emails and Facebook status updates with the occasional reading of a favourite blog don't count).

Last week I went to on a buggy walk which I've done for the past three years, mostly just to get the goody bag and other free stuff on the day. But this year I went with a friend so I got to have a fun outing and adult conversation as well as free stuff.

I'm keeping the Lush soap for myself but here is what else I've got hanging around the ledges and other possible paper storage areas of my home. If you would like any of it just leave a comment or email me your address and I'll send it right your way.

1. An Infantesimal voucher offering $10 off any purchase. Valid until October 31st. (We won't be buying anything there by then so any one else, please, use it!)
2. A free 7 day guest pass to cityfitness gym in Thorndon. You'll have to call and arrange an appointment to pick it up, ask for Katie and say you have a buggy walk voucher. She'll sort you out. (I made the appointment and everything but then realised it's so far away from me, I'm likely to let that 7 days go by without a single visit to the gym.)
3. A Free Pass valid for one free entry into any event in the ZM Run Swim Series, worth $10. (I was really excited about this one until I looked through the flyer and say that all the events are on Sunday's. Mega bummer! No sport on Sunday for me.)
4. A card giving a free hot drink, at Rata Cafe at Zealandia. Valid until the end of November 2010. Not on weekends or public holidays and only when Zealandia admission ticket is presented as well, so no getting the free drink and then skipping out without actually going through the sanctuary. (We won't be going. Have you seen their prices? We had other things on so missed the free day today, would have been the perfect opportunity to use this. Sorry everyone that I saw today that went to that, I forgot I had this card!)
5. $10 Shoe Clinic money. (I've already got running shoes)

This kind of giveaway runs on a first in first served basis. Entries/requests close Monday 18th Oct at 7pm when I'm going to clear the clutter and throw this all out.


  1. can i have the city fitness voucher?
    I hope friday night went well

  2. City fitness voucher coming your way Johanna. And everything else in the rubbish. Sorry world! I did offer.