Monday, November 1, 2010

Skinny Jeans

Since I was pregnant with Sadie (about 2 years ago), I've had a box of "skinny clothes" on top of my wardrobe, just waiting for the day that I could fit them again. After she was born I used to get the box down every couple of months, try everything on and sadly put it all away again.

Last week a friend gave me some skinny jeans. I couldn't pull them on. Pulling the extra space from my lower calf up didn't help me get them over my thighs. Ugh! So I decided I had to do something about it.

I had my final meal of chocolate, strawberries and custard pie at a Relief Society Meeting and then the very next day...

I stopped eating sweets. And severely cut down my carbs, especially white/processed flour and it's products.

A week later the same friend was hosting a clothes swap at her house. I decided I was going to be ruthless, and got down the "skinny clothes" box. I would only keep the things I really wanted to wear again. I thought the best way to decide what I really wanted to keep was to try everything on. That would help me cut the stash down.

First the shirts/tops/blouses/non-stretch tees.

They fit.

Next the skirts. A few misses, but on the most part, they fit too.

Then the pants. And the jeans. Bar one, they fit.

I was so happy at this discovery, any disappointment that I'd had that I couldn't actually attend this clothes swap was GONE. I'd had a complete do over of my wardrobe from the skinny box, and I had plenty of clothes, nice clothes, clothes that suit me. No swap needed!

I took my box over to my friends house, now full of culled clothing, from the skinny box and the rest of my clothes. Give the girls more options for the swap that night. When my friend opened the door she said "Those jeans look amazing on you." FYI that's a GREAT way to greet people. They were my faves from the skinny box. I was happy to see them again.

So after all that, I've held on to the hand me down skinny jeans. After only one week of no sweets I can now get them on and do up the waist. But they're a bit tight in the thighs (who would have thought? Not me, I have great legs.), making walking really hard. But Nat saw potential and so as my consultant when culling the wardrobe said they were keepers (having the husband/a guy be the consultant is actually a really good idea. He's way more ruthless than me).

Maybe in a couple more weeks I'll be rocking the skinnies with my boots and hopefully no bulges. And hopefully able to walk.


  1. NICE - I discovered my 2 year old pair of skinny jeans recently also, and not only can I fit them; but I can wear them comfortably ALL day, a definite first for me! Loving it... go you!

  2. Skinny jeans aren't for tall people (who generally have big feet) - they make your feet look like boats.

  3. YAY for YOU!

    That is so great.

    I havnt been walking in AGES and it is so naughty. Life has been busy but I need to make time to do it again. I am aiming to lose 6kg by april next year. BRING IT ON xx

  4. Oh this gives me hope! I too have started a new "lifestyle" (apparently this is a healthier world than diet) I am basically eating fresh fruit, raw vege, raw nuts and whole grain bread & crackers. At night I will eat a small amount of meat and cooked vege but gone are the white flours, the pasta, the rice, the sweets. All in all I can't say I miss them and your post gives me hope than it is worth it!

  5. @Ana, I would have said that they aren't for short people because they make short people look even shorter and stunted... but then who is left? LOL I think skinny jeans were invented by people with small frames and skinny legs.

    Mariah, that is AWESOME! Good work! So I almost feel guilty for the chocolate bar that I ate today. Every night I do battle with myself eventually saying 'stuff it, I need chocolate'. I need your self control!!

  6. Way to go! I have a friend who usually opts with the "no sugar" diet instead of adjusting other dietary habits, and it is incredibly effective for her. I think it just goes to show you how much garbage we eat on a day to day basis...

  7. Thanks for all the encouragement guys! It makes me feel more accountable, I've got all of your expectations to live up to now!