Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are You Hungry?

Cute book alert: Are You Hungry? by Tina Burke.

I found this book at the library and I love it. It's a picture book with pretty much no words. You tell the story as you see it. I love having Theo "read" it back to me. I had heard of this type of book before, but not found one before, and not liked one before. This one though, is adorable.

In other news:

-I've used an entire box of 92 thick and large tissues in 24 hours. My nose seems to be drying out now though, so that's a relief.

-I just successfully used the controlled crying method with Sadie. She doesn't normally wake, but after being sick has woken for the past few nights at about 8pm, staying up for an hour or so to feel miserable and then finally goes back to sleep after being the centre of a attention for a little while. I decided tonight she was well enough to stay in her cot, and luckily her crying didn't wake Theo. I hadn't used this method before, and so didn't know if it would work, I was just trying my luck. But she's asleep! She stayed up for about the same amount of time as if I'd got her out and held/sang/fed/read to/given a drink to her, but she was in her cot the entire time. Hopefully tomorrow night she'll decide it's not worth waking up.


  1. So nice to see you today even if you were all a bit under the weather.

    Oh and what is the name of that book you were trying to find/replace of your neighbours? I'll have a hunt

  2. Well done - we tried and failed with Lydia, so we still have to get up to her (and are still putting her to sleep in our arms)... but one day we'll win that battle!!!!