Friday, November 5, 2010

The children of today...

Things that my children do that would never have occured to a a child their age 100 years ago:

Theo's #1 favourite activity is to play with the iPad or if that's taken, the computer. It's a good thing to know so that I can use it to my favour. He can turn it on, turn the speakers on, and then put on either tv, a movie or play games online (including directing Firefox, his browser of choice, to one of half a dozen children's websites) depending on what he feels like doing. We've learned not to leave him with too long a leash though, as he also knows how to put things in the trash and then empty it, something we learned after losing everything on our desktop one day. Don't worry, we're backed up.

Even at this age, the kids need their space. That is a wall of cushions between Theo and Sadie while they watch tv, so that they both stay on their sides of the couch and can't touch each other. It's not always necessary, but since I introduced it I occasionally see Theo setting it up in preparation for some tv time.

Here Theo and Sadie are talking to each other on mine and Nat's cell phones. Literally. I have cheap calling set up to Nat's phone, so one day we connected up and let the kids go with it. It's amazing how much they had to say to one another once we put them on the end of a phone. This also translates to old broken cellphones, pedometers and doorstops, the "other" variety of phones in our house. Nothing like the realism of hearing someone talk back through the receiver though.

I feel a bit like I need to post photos of the kids playing with something non-electronic now, but I won't. As the old adage says, friends don't need excuses and enemies won't believe them anyway. But really these were the only three tech-kid photos that I found, amongst a gallery full of my children. I'll keep telling myself that for reassurance.

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  1. Cute - so many things our kids will be doing that even we didn't as kids... we never got our first computer until I was in High School for example, and even then it was an old dinosaur and never got used for anything but typing up assignments! I suspect, with a Computer Programmer Dad, our kids will be typing a laptop before they can even write (although I have threatened Luke with divorce if this actually happens *grin*)!!!!!