Monday, November 29, 2010

Conversation Starters

I had my dear friend over this evening. She helped bathe the children, washed my dishes, played with Theo while I did some chores and read children's books while I put them to bed. Then we sat up and talked for hours. Isn't it great when you have the time and topics to talk over and over things with someone? Try bringing up one of these with someone you don't mind conversing with in depth...

-Gay marriage/civil unions
-The quality of lasting friendships
-Israel and the promised people of God
-Back in high school...
-Old boyfriends
-Friends that are high maintenance
-Friends that are out of touch
-The horrible things that you can imagine happening to your loved ones
-Bad dreams
-Having children
-Body shape
-How to get healthy
-How great a good salad is
-Sad circumstances

... And you might just get and inkling of how our night went tonight.

Some of those topics seem to naturally lead on from one to the next, but some of those I have no idea how they came up. I guess when you get two talkers to talkin'... Anything can happen.

Thanks for a great night Johanna. xoxox

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