Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daytime reading

I've decided that when one of the children is sleeping I should take advantage of being a little less occupied and use that time productively. My first preference will be reading, scriptures hopefully, since that's something I try to do every day.

Day one went like this:


Success - I got some good reading in. I got some lovely cuddles with Sadie. Sure my reading was punctuated with Dr. Seuss, The Nose Book and other favourites. But I think it's nice for Sadie to see me reading too. The power of example you know.

Failure - I still can't keep awake after reading in the sunny afternoon. I suppose a good place to start at changing that would be to read at a table rather than laying on my bed. It just makes it too easy.


  1. you look really skinny =)

    I just realised that I totally forgot to come over today...woops.

    Next week?

  2. I too need to work on my time management so that some things that are more important make it into my day - such as reading my bible. Great to see you finding a way to do this :)