Sunday, November 14, 2010

The end of a good run...

I stayed home sick today. I actually stayed at home with Theo who was sick. We thought it best not to let him cough and sneeze snot rockets on all the other kids at church. But the further the day progressed, the more I felt like the niggle from yesterday had not magically disappeared with the probiotic pills Nat's aunt had recommended. I think I was too far gone. I'll defend the miracle pills at least because you can't just disregard someone's endorsement like that when they're family (anyone else having connotations of Purple Pills?).

Theo was actually really great at amusing himself as I tried (not that hard) to stay awake through the morning. A while ago we realised he's old enough to play with boardgames under supervision, and our Monopoly has been seeing the most action it has within the history of our home. He also really loves dice games which are fun. And today he managed to make that all work by himself. I also woke up to him saying "I printed out lots!" and a row of paper across the lounge.

It's been a while since we've seen sickness in our house, thank goodness. But now I'm remembering how much of a drag it is.

So I'm currently looking forward to having a household void of sickness, closely followed by Thanksgiving. Yay for having American friends so that we have people to celebrate such a happy holiday with.


  1. I was thinking that I need to hone my pumpkin pie making skills in anticipation - possibly this week. I mentioned as much to Chris and added that we'd have to get a ridiculous amount of pumpkin :D

  2. Hope everyone is better soon!