Monday, November 8, 2010


Ever since Theo started Kindy the walls of our home have become a lot more interesting. I put things up on the wall, and when something new comes to fill the space, or I'm ready for a change, I need to wait until he's in bed and throw it away somewhere he won't see it. I've been taking pictures though, to have a record of what he's been doing, with something like this in mind for further down the track (possibly). Found via Design Mom ages ago, page no longer exists on her current blog.

What do you do with childrens art?

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  1. Oh how adorable. My daughter loves every piece she makes so much I have started giving it to Daddy for his work, posting it to Nanna, Grandma, Aunts etc, using it as wrapping paper for presents or simply putting it in the wardrobe for 'safe' keeping.