Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finally! Nice Weather!

I have been LOVING the beautiful weather these past couple of days. It's so great to get outside with the kids, and so easy to look after them and spend lots of time once we're out there. They just love it.

Yesterday we invited the boy from across the street to come over and draw with us.

Nothing beats the spontaneous, rough, unedited style of young children's drawing.

Later in the afternoon his mum invited Theo to go over to their place and play in their back yard (we don't have an outdoor area). They have a sandpit and a paddling pool out that day, and she and her husband were gardening, so there was digging to be done. Theo stayed over there for a couple hours while Sadie took the longest nap ever. It was a lovely afternoon and day really, until when I went to pick up Theo we found him in my friend's son's room ripping up books. Any other mothers out there know how it is to feel responsible for your kids actions? Like you've done it yourself? Yeah this sucked. Especially when my friend lamented over a hard cover Peter Rabbit lift the flap book that had been a gift from Canada.


It was still a great day.

If anyone knows where I can get ahold of a similar book let me know. Especially if you see it at a thrift store (remember, I'm on a budget here!).

Today we went for an hour long walk and read books laying in bed with the sun bathing us in warmth. Very nice. It's a bit dangerous for me to have big reading sessions with the kids lately though. I always end up falling asleep at the end of it. Today was no different.

Everything is easier when it's sunny outside. Including taking naps.

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  1. Just found your blog via Kiwi Mummy Blogs and loved this happy post - yah for the sunshine indeed! I so love chalk drawing with my girls too. The simple things are definitely the best. My other fav is a bucket of water and a brush - they will spend ages making 'water art'!