Monday, November 15, 2010

Half the Battle

I love this post over on Freshly Picked.

Susan finishes by asking "What helps you fight your daily battle?"

I've got a list, that I will share with you below, but I've thought about this question a lot. I think that all of us probably have those one or two things that we do every day, because it's part of what makes our world work. It's kind of therapeutic for me actually, to realise the things in my life that have this sort of role. Now I'm going to consciously come up with more "helps", because it's almost like setting a goal with a built in achievement, (almost) no effort neccessary. Mini goals, mini achievements, major feelings of accomplishment.

I guess these "helps" are to help me realise how much I do with my days when it doesn't seem to add up to too much else. So, what helps me with my daily battle (this is the list that I've extended as I've come up with more)?

-Make the beds.
-Get up on time. (Trying to sleep in when little children are already awake is pointless. It doesn't mean I don't try sometimes.)
-Shower and get dressed.
-Make my hair look acceptable.
-Remember to feed everyone lunch. (Because Sadie naps over lunchtime sometimes I forget her. It means she eats dinner really well!)
-Pray in the morning. (I find it really hard to remember this one, so if I manage to, it's a victory.)
-Have a cooked breakfast.
-Cook a meal for dinner that everyone likes and eats.

This list is primarily for myself, for my own gratification as I described before. I think comparing lists with anyone else would be detrimental to someone, if not everyone, because we'd all consider different things list-worthy and our lives are all full, just not of the same things.

But I would love to know, if you were to choose just one thing, "What helps you fight your daily battle?"


  1. I get up and take 30 min to make bed etc, make breakfast and drink a cup of tea while I watch the sky get brighter.
    It is a lovely stress free way to start the day. Sometimes this process involves music.

    Shower (wash my hair) and get dressed

    Try and make hair look ok - it is my enemy at the moment

    I like to put everything away before I leave the house - so that when I come home it is tidy and inviting

    I like to fit in at least one good phone call a day (mostly to my mum ha)

    Go for a walk (every second day)

    Make my lunch the night before and lay out my clothes for work

    at night before I got to bed I like to read in the lounge with only my fairy lights on (i have 3 sets - it is bright enough to see yes)

    Clean kitchen benches before I go to bed so I start the day new

    Prayers before I sleep

    Pretty happy if I achieve all that... to be fair it's just me so no babies to also take care of so I totally take my hat off to you

  2. Remember, you don't have to post a list, just a single help will do! I don't want anyone to make me feel inadequate... (lol)

    (Johanna gets away with it because we're best friends anyway)

  3. Getting up early every morning to exercise. It means I get less sleep, but also means I have more energy and feel I am a much better mom and wife and then seem to accomplish more throughout the day.

  4. Getting up early enough to have a shower and breakfast before the baby wakes (which normally means getting up with Luke when his alarm goes off at 6am). If I get anything else accomplished - I am stoked! This morning I have also managed to make our bed and tidy our bedroom, do the breakfast dishes and check my e-mail - and she is still asleep! Gives me a nice slow start to my day, and makes me feel more in control, if she ends up grumpy!

  5. Waking up early to exercise. It just makes the whole rest of the day better. Also, writing in my journal at the end of the day. I usually just do something short, a sentence or two, but it helps to close everything up. Good post, Mariah. (But you usually have good ones).

  6. Mariah,
    I loved your thoughts on the Family Volley post about church with toddlers. You are so right. Being a mother is the most important thing we can every do. No need to hide.

    I had to laugh out loud about asking someone if they would like to help you. I have seen that happen and it quickly reminds the onlooker what it is really like to have toddlers in church. How quickly they forget.

    You comments mean so much. Thank you for reading Family Volley.

  7. Three of your comments involve getting up early and two work in exercise to their days that way. I'd like to commit to that... But I don't know if I can. Thanks for the inspiration though guys!