Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It came! Thanksgiving finally came. We have some friends who put on a big Thanksgiving dinner every year for all the American's that they know who might be missing it. I've finally made my way on to her list of invitees after 3 years of apologies, this is my second year with an invite. I love it.

They had their Christmas tree out, bare, and each guest hung a piece of paper that they'd written what they were thankful for on.

The food was great, and never ending. We arrived at 5:00pm and filled our plates then, and by 7:00pm the table was still full, but with a different meal, so around and around we go.

I took this, except I used sliced almonds instead of pecans and Highlanders caramel (like top 'n fill or dulche du leche) instead of caramel sauce, b0th because of the price difference. It turned out nicely. Even with my homemade sweet short crust pastry, which I wasn't too confident in. Yay!

I also took my camera, but I forgot to take it out of my bag. Too much else to eat. And do.

The kids loved having such a big area and so many other kids to play with. They ate "leftovers" in the car on the way home to fill their tummies.

I tried "Heavenly Hash" for the first time. It's basically sponge cake crumbled into chocolate mousse and then chilled to set. I would have preferred straight chocolate mousse, but it was nice. And of course I had some pumpkin pie, I brought home a piece of pecan pie and also cherry pie, and my brownie pie got eaten all up there. There was some good corn bread, and the turkey/mashed potato/sweet potato/garlic carrots/pumpkin roll/salad were delicious. And amazing bread rolls.

I made the mistake of eating all night long. I realised after a couple hours, after I'd reached full, then just over, then uncomfortable, that I was really thirsty. I hadn't had anything to drink all night. So I hurried to drink three glasses of water and reached an entirely new level. People around me assured me that this is what Thanksgiving is about, but I'm glad to be an hour past that feeling of "Don't make me move or I'll throw up."

What did I hang on the tree? I'm thankful for washing machines. What a different life I would lead if washing machines had not been invented. Getting a little more meaningful, I'm thankful for great in-laws, and that I have a great relationship with Nat's side of the family. Even more meaningful, I'm grateful that it wasn't too much trouble for me to have my babies, and that my sisters are both having babies without much trouble (after a bit of trouble). Even more meaningful, I am thankful for the meaning, purpose and direction that my faith gives me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Sounds like a fun celebration. Our Thanksgiving is today do I am cooking up a storm!