Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How do you dress?

This morning it rained. Just a little. I wore my jeans that I know I look good in, and a long sleeved tee, reveling in the fact that I didn't need a jersey/cardigan. And out I went.

I came home in the afternoon. After pushing two children up hills and down hills in gorgeous weather, I was hot! The afternoon was hot, just a touch of a breeze, blue skies, and hot! I hate it when what you wear turns out to be too hot/too cold/doesn't fit the weather for whatever reason. In Wellington this happens a lot.

So I had to get changed. Really, it wasn't just an excuse for another outfit today.

I've figured that for this summer, to stay cool, keep things simple, and wear as few items of clothing as possible, I'm going to wear dresses.


I've never thought my body shape looks particularly good in dresses. But I think dresses are feminine and fun, and I like to wear them. I got the dress above second hand yonks ago, I can't even remember where, and I think today is the first day that I've ever worn it. After today I'm neither here nor there about this dress. I'll wear it more. But it doesn't feel smashing on me. Nat seems to like it though, so that adds a little bit of favour to the outfit.

So do you have any suggestions of winner dress styles that I could hunt around for? What are your favourites for casual, everyday wear? Leave a link behind for me if you can, that'd be great!



    I don't remember you wearing dresses much but I think you are mistaken in thinking that you are not a 'dress girl'.

    I have been wearing skirts recently because I can mix and match them easier than dresses but tomorrow i'll be wearing a dress and doing a post on it so you can go ahead and take a peek then.

    I reckon dresses are all about finding the length and style that works on you and once you have nailed that then you are good to go.

    I really love you in red too (side note).

    I'm excited to see you in more dresses


  2. I just bought this - to wear with jeans. Technically I could have the option of wearing it with leggings but my knees...um, yeah, best not to mention them I think...

  3. I think that a wrap dress or a shirt dress would look amazing on you. I like the shape of that dress, but I think it would look even better with a chunkier belt?

  4. I'm more of a skirt girl and have been living in my denim skirt and singlets... I do have a few dresses however (and have noticed Shantons have some lovely styles out this summer); unfortunately still breast-feeding limits my choices at the moment!