Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If it was up to me...

(The most summery looking pictures I could find in the archives. I must get better at taking my camera with me.)

If I had to pick one thing that would be my favourite thing, that didn't include anything family/faith related (to wipe out all the answers that would be expected/obliged), it would be gorgeous weather. (Surpassing even chocolate and avocado milkshakes.)

If I had to choose a super power, I think it would be to control the weather. That way we could have all the gorgeous sunny days (like today) that I wanted, but it could rain at night to make sure that the land is doing what it should. I've always thought that's the perfect combo, ever since I came up with it when I was little.

If I had to pick my favourite season it would be summer. Because as much as I love wearing my winter hat and scarf, or buying a new winter coat, or the colours of autumn, or lambs springing through the field by my parents place, NOTHING beats a gorgeous, summery day. All of life is easier because the sun is shining. Whether you are out in the sun, or inside looking out at it. Everyone mellows out, life is full of molehills instead of mountains, and there seems to be more time in the day. And who doesn't look better with a bit of sun on their skin?

Today was another pretty perfect day. This summer is going to awesome.


  1. It is so much easier to scrub the soiled, scrub-needing washing on a sunny day.

  2. TOTALLY agree. I cant wait for balmy summer evenings with lots of family around. Bring on Dec 23rd with all its fun and frovility. I get three weeks off. THREE WHOLE WEEKS YUSSSSSSSSSSS