Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not my forte...

In the past few years I've realised that I really do like to do girly things such as paint my nails, face masks, make up, and other things you see teenage girls doing at sleepovers on movies. Some of these things I am better at doing than others...

Ready for a big secret? On the eve of one of my sisters weddings I ended up crying because I couldn't paint my nails properly, and such were part of the wedding eve festivities. I'm okay with it now though, no hurt feelings at the mess on my fingernails today.

From what's in the background perhaps you can tell this wasn't a pamper evening for myself or anything. While Sadie was napping and between setting up train tracks and playing with Rummy-Cam Theo and I painted our nails (another big secret). I've been painting Theo's clear whenever I feel the urge to do mine and he's around, for a little while now. I hadn't been telling Nat. But it's clear. So no harm done right?


Another spanner in the works: I don't have any nailpolish remover. But it's not so bad. Today the polish has washed off my skin and the colour is just a bit chipped. After I had put this on I remembered a conversation with a friend about "times and seasons" and how colour at this stage (with young children) just doesn't really work. Oh well. I'll probably forget that again sometime soon, and even if I don't, I'll probably put more on sometime soon anyway. Just for fun.


  1. My polish is always a mess! I get all excited and paint my nails then 2 weeks later the same coat is still on there all chipped and horrible. One day when the children are older and I have time and money someone else can do it for me a couple of times a week lol

  2. I'll paint your when I come up for Christmas if you like.

    My secret for nice, tidy, colourful digits? Nail polish remover on a cotton bud to clean up the messy bits :) Sometimes its nice to cheat

  3. Thanks Sarai! If I had nail polish remover, I'd definitely take your advice.