Monday, November 22, 2010

A Plumber With Compassion

A while ago we were having trouble with our hot tap over the bath. All the other taps in the house worked and ran hot. Just this one wouldn't go. It just dribbled a sad, little, brown trickle that I didn't understand.

The flat under ours was having a new hot water cylinder put in, and I wondered if something had gone wrong in the pipe changing, and waters on and offing. We contacted the landlord who sent a plumber over pronto.

The plumber arrived and said it was probably the washer*. He would take the tap apart and put a new one in.

When the job was done I came in carrying Sadie to thank him for his work.

The report:

"Someone sabotaged your tap."
"There was a good amount of soap pushed up the spout. It was blocking the pipes and stopping the water."
"I know exactly who the culprit is."
"Was it that one?"
"No. Her brother!"

I didn't realise how much Theo had managed to get up there. I thought I'd always caught him right at the beginning of a soap pushing episode, and scooped out what little he'd managed to get in the spout.

He was a very well humoured guy, and left with this little reassurance:

"Don't worry, I'll tell the landlord it was the washer*."

Good man!

*I don't remember if it was the washer, or something else, it was too long ago. But I'm pretty sure it was the washer. Anyone plumbing savvy care to correct me on what might have been going wrong with our tap?


  1. Very Niven plumber!

  2. I meant nice, of course. Silly keyboard.

  3. Great man! Make sure you always get him :)