Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sleep or Something Like It

For the past few days I've been spending a lot of time laying in bed with my eyes closed. I've been resting up since I've been sick. Resting being the operative word.

I never thought I'd say it, but I've been having trouble sleeping. Me! Of all people! I used to drop consciousness at the blink of an eye during the daytime. Night has always seen me take a bit longer to unwind and finally fall asleep, but lately it's been ridiculous. I've been plenty tired, and my naps have actually been 'rests' so I don't know if that could be the reason.

Earlier today Nat took the kids out for a bit, and so I lay down for a 'rest'. Lately I've been trying to remember and recreate a relaxation exercise that I took part in at church a few weeks ago, in an effort to relax and hopefully sleep better. Today I had one better. I had the iPad, with the Relax&Rest app at my fingertips. It's basically a guided relaxation recording that you can customise with length, backing track and volumes.

So today I want to recommend relaxation exercises/guided relaxation recordings or whatever their proper name is. I loved it when I did it at church a few weeks ago, and I loved it today. I didn't go to sleep, I knew that Nat and the kids would be home soon enough, but I was so relaxed that I resurfaced feeling as rejuvenated as if I'd had a real good nap. The kind where it's the perfect length and you wake up feeling a hundred bucks and like you used your time wisely.

If you have an iDevice, it almost definitely worth shelling out $0.99 for this or an equivalent app. And if you don't you should look into mp3's or cd's or something, because this relaxation stuff is my new favorite thing. Especially if you're having trouble sleeping. It turned that time of frustration at the fact that I wasn't sleeping when I wanted to and needed to be, to a glorious little oasis in my day that lasted about 30 minutes but effected the whole rest of my day.

Don't be a cynic like Nat and I were when we first listened to a clip of one of these recordings before I really needed it and neither of us had used it. Give it a proper try and see for yourself!

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