Friday, November 19, 2010

Toffee First-timer

I made toffee for the first time today for a gala at my church tomorrow (10am-1pm if anyone wants to swing by). Things I learned:

-Next time I'll make separate batches for different flavorings rather than trying to make a quadruple batch and then splitting it to flavour four ways. It cooled way too fast so I was rushing to get done what I wanted.
(Exhibit A: My burnt thumb and stained hands.)

-Next time I won't make it with the kids around.
(Exhibit B: Theo's burnt fingers and stained hands.

-Next time I'll package and present things a bit differently.
(Exhibit C: The glad wrapped toffees all packaged for transit. Not the most appealing way I can imagine them)

-Next time I'll make much more chocolate and also more cinnamon flavoured toffees. They really worked. I'll try more flavours as well. I thought original/plain would be the best and was wary of adding flavourings. I was wrong.


Toffee (for apples or lollipops)
-Basically an Alison Holst recipe

1 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
1 Tbsp vinegar
1/2 tsp red food colouring (this really is optional and flexible upon whatever you have)

Boil the sugar, water and vinegar until the hard ball stage (I have a candy thermometer which made it super easy. Sorry no tips). Add colouring/flavouring and pour into greased moulds (muffin tins etc) to set. Wrap when cool.

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  1. I am yet to make toffee. I am a Russian fudge addict. But I think I might give toffee a try. The recipe looks easy enough, just don't know if I could manage without burning my fingers either.....