Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas on the Cheap: 5-8 years

This is the first age group where I'm branching out into my wider knowledge and experience with children, i.e. my children are far below the developmental benchmarks that occur in ages 5-8. But I think I've come up with a few pretty universal ideas that are all widely enjoyed. Hopefully, if you're still looking for ideas, you'll strike gold with one of these.

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  • Figurines eg. people, animals. The older Theo gets, the more imaginative play I see him doing. He uses clothes pegs, cutlery, anything at all to stand, walk, talk and be a character in his games. I imagine this continuing as he gets older, and when I think about Andy on Toy Story and the way he plays, it makes me think every child could use a new player in their games.
  • Lip balm (girls). I have been through a few phases in life where I've obsessed over lip balm. Theo would love this gift even at his age. This can also be a fun DIY if you're that way inclined.

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  • Special underwear. We have a family home video of my sister at around 5 having the biggest unwrap attack over "panties". I hope if you get something like this as a gift for someone that it is met with such enthusiasm.
  • Headbands (girls). This is another great DIY and great for all ages really. There are so many different styles to try, and plain is good too. This suggestion may or may not be fueled by my current want of a good headband.
  • Personalised swimming bag/book bag. Another great DIY, well suited to those with minimal sewing skills and a little ambition. I like this kind of project because you can stylise the finished product so much just by choosing the right fabric for you/your child/the person receiving your gift.
  • Whoopie cushion (boy). I think this is a repeat from last year. But really. Who wouldn't have fun on Christmas day after finding one of these with their name on it?
(image and image)
  • Decorated shoelaces. I've been thinking I may have placed this idea a little young, but I know I went through a stage where my laces had to be just right. "Cool", you know? I also remember the efforts of learning to tie my own laces and I think that's why this idea landed in this age group.

Once again, I'd love to hear if you use any of these ideas, especially if it's well received! Also, if you're interested in any of today's gift ideas or the images used, check the credits listed under each. All the links included are to pretty great sites where these products are offered cheaply, or there is other good information on them (I am not a paid advertiser for any of these products). I especially recommend the DIY links, there are some great tutorials out there!

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  1. Love ALL your christmas on the cheap ideas. And I think you are spot on with this age group.
    Next year, can you post them a bit earlier as I have already done the shopping this year :) Or maybe link to the old ones in november. I think I am probably strange that I like to have my shopping done by December. I hate it when the shops are busy.