Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas on the Cheap: 8-12 years

Okay, it's time to speed things up here. Christmas is coming closer every day and I've still got a few categories to get through. Less comentary, more lists. And sorry if these suggestions are coming too late (Johanna!). I'll get on to things earlier next year.

Jewelry making kit (girls)

(image and recipe)
Cookie/cake mix

(image no longer here)
Collage kit. I would suggest this as a DIY project.

(image and image)

(image and DIY tutorial)
Personalised diary

(image and DIY tutorial)
Personalised pencils

Wordfind book

Artemis Fowl books. I've never read them, but I've got a friend (who is my age) who really likes these. They're not so much a "cheap" gift are they? Sorry.

(image and image)
Paper dolls. I love that image on the left.

(image and image)
Water bombs/waterguns

Good luck! I'm posting about teenagers tomorrow, let's hope I'm not too out of touch!

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  1. Paper dolls were my Life! But probably a little earlier than 8 for me. I LOVE the cookie mix jar! I was going to make one for a friend this year!