Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas on the Cheap: Adults

Adults are hard to buy for when your budget is small. But I read something recently that said the key to good gift giving is to anticipate a need and fill it. I've listed my ideas together according to hobbies/interests that your gift receivers may have. You may not be able to anticipate a need, and some people don't like functional gifts anyway. But you may just be able to anticipate a want, if you think about what they like to do.

  • Baker - cake decorations, decorative cupcake cases, cake decorating pens
  • Scrapbooker - embellishments, acid free pens, paper selections (including digital selections, or pdf files which can be printed multiple times)

  • Cook - seasoned salt, the perfect wooden spoon (we have never yet found a second one), a variety of something e.g. flours, sugars, salts, spices, peas, beans, grains, rices
  • Gardener - Gloves, hand tools, small plant, hanging basket, wildflower seeds
  • Parents - Babysitting voucher!
  • Extras - Hot chocolate on a stick (I'm giving these this Christmas, so sorry if I just spoiled the surprise for you), fancy soap, hand/face cleanser and/or moisturiser, sushi making kit, one off hobby lesson
Even with all these ideas, I still have people that I'm struggling to buy for. They're mostly the men in my life. Sorry if you've still got the same problem as me. And if you have any suggestions, please, send them my way!

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