Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas on the Cheap: Teenagers

Teenagers. It hasn't really been that long since I was one, but a lot has changed since then (speaking of myself, the world and teenagers in general). So I think I've come up with a few ideas for teenagers. Don't know for sure if an actual teenager would like these things as gifts though. Let me know how you think I've done.

  • Skullcandy (meaning, their headphones). Not the cheapest suggestion, again, but the older a person gets the more expensive a quality present is really. The cheapest little buds are $15 at the moment, and they go up from there. Have a look at Skullcandy products here, read a review that I go by here, and see where you can buy them in NZ here.
  • Stenciled t-shirt. The above picture's content is great, although not the neatest DIY. But this is a pretty good look right now. Even if you don't DIY, most t-shirts you'd find are printed nowadays. My advice is to steer clear of slogans, but some text can be ok. I think this would look great on a t-shirt. Google "stenciled t-shirt" or similar for hundreds of DIY tutorials.

(image and image)
  • Fake glasses, and in a similar vein, over the top sunglasses. I don't know why, but teenagers dig these. And can pull them off.
  • Handsewn flower details: pins, headbands, hairties, hairpins, belts (girls). The one pictured above is made from gathered ribbon, spiralled and handsewn together. I've also done this with strips of material that have been folded in half and hemmed. They can turn out pretty gorgeous, and can be used for almost anything. They are very in at the moment at can be found at craft markets all over the place if you're not a DIYer.
  • Stenciled binder. Another DIY project if you're keen, you can get really personalised and specific depending on your recipient. Under this photo it said the paint only lasted a couple days before peeling off, even with primer underneath. I would suggest covering with duraseal, spray adhesive/sealer, mod podge or similar to ensure your work lasts the distance!

Only adults to go now (the hardest)! Check back later for the Adult episode* of Christmas on the Cheap, I'm aiming for Monday. Have a good weekend!

* Age group wise, not content wise. I try to be G-rated.

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