Saturday, December 18, 2010

Could have been a Perfect Day

We've taught the kids to read a digital clock, so that we can show them it's bedtime/not time to get up yet. Sometimes we manipulate the clock so that bedtime is whenever we want. The other night I did this, being careful to change it back after they were asleep.

The kids woke up yesterday morning around 6:15am. I went in and Theo said proudly "We slept till 7 o'clock!" I turned to see their clock indeed said 7:15. I was sure I had changed the clock back the night before! That's how manipulating the time can bite you in the butt. I changed the clock back an hour, told Theo I was sorry but he needed to stay in bed a bit longer, because his clock had been wrong (we're trying to train their little bodies to sleep in. Might not work for a few years, but we'll keep trying).

At 7am I got up, we got moving. Dressed, breakfast, even fit in making Christmas cards for Theo's kindy teachers and I thought about how I would've had even MORE time this morning if I'd stayed out of bed after the kids woke me around 6am. We'll finally make Kindy on time, for the last session of the year.


Nat: "You know it's 9 o'clock, right?"

And THAT is how manipulating the time can bite you in the butt.

I had a busy morning made even busier by the loss of one hour of my life to absent mindedness/greedy sleep demon/the clock fairy. But the thing that I felt worst about was the missed opportunity to reinforce that good behaviour of the 7am wake with Theo. He'd been so proud of himself too!

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