Monday, December 20, 2010

Lowest Prices are just the Beginning

We went to the Bunnings Warehouse opening celebrations in the weekend, and came away with a good haul of free stuff! It was great!

(Seat cushion, balloon on a stick, hat, un-inflated balloons, inflated hammer, two of those awesome toy trucks, chocolate and candy not pictured and a teddy bear made out of a balloon that didn't make it home)

We will definitely have to frequent grand openings more often. Even though the kids are 100% aware of those trucks (in fact Theo opens my sock drawer where they're hidden every day, asking to play with them) I'm wrapping them up for Christmas. They're great toys, better than anything we bought them this year, and will be great presents. I don't mind how they've been compromised AT ALL.

We're spending a few days here and there for Christmas/New Years. Can't wait for all the family, food, fun, and down time.

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  1. I have had a successful bunnings day like that before. They're great! My kids love their little trollies.