Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I've tried to make all the Christmas presents match.

I've tried to decorate the tree in perfect balance.

But both of those things have been more fun if the kids help me. They like to wrap presents, and I like for them to learn the joy of giving. They're definitely been focussed on giving this year rather than receiving, and I think it's mostly because we've given gifts already this year, but they haven't opened any yet. It's also because Nat got them to colour pages to use as wrapping paper for my birthday present recently, which gave them a new hobby. We've been wrapping all sorts of things in the kids "wrapping paper". I don't know how happy everyone will be to open an empty spool, a broken watch etc., but it was fun to wrap!

They also love to decorate the tree. To touch it, to spin it, to "bing" the balls hanging on the branches. I try to be all Martha, but I think it's just not my season in life to do so.


In Nat's family, for Christmas they eat whatever foods they would like. There's ham if someone requests it, turkey likewise. But most often it's something else. She's told me one year they each had a small hen, and this year we're having lamb. I like this tradition. They have a big meal for Christmas Eve in Nat's family too, so we're off to have prawns and fish in a few minutes. The kids will be thrilled! As many prawns as they can possibly desire! I can't wait to see how happy it makes them.

I hope you're Christmas is as joyful as mine has been already and will continue to be I'm sure! I think I'm more excited for the kids to open their presents then I am to open my own.

See you in a few days.

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  1. Hope you and your precious family are having a Merry Christmas Mariah!
    Wishing you all a blessed new year just ahead.