Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Link Share

I love to read sewing/craft/DIY blogs. There are not enough hours in the day to indulge this pleasure of mine:

Just Something I Made - Cathe Holden has a remarkable eye for potential, and a seemingly endless vault of ideas. She posts a lot of tutorials and instructions for her DIY projects, and also a lot of vintage clip art. This is a must read for anyone even a little bit crafty, or digitally crafty.

Freshly Picked - I've already shared a link for Susan's blog before, she's great for reading and for inspiration. She's an excellent seamstress and provides lots of free tutorials, including one showing how to make your jeans skinny that I'm dying to try.

Say Yes! to Hoboken - This blog has it all as well. Inspiration (design and interiors), sewing, crafting. She shares lots of great ideas, has lots of guest posts.

If you've found something new in this list then enjoy! They're all good and permanents in my list.

(Sorry for the late posting! Our internet was down yesterday)

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  1. Thanks Mariah! Can't wait to check them out :) x