Monday, January 31, 2011

A bit of a bummer of a day

Today started off bad. I was super grumpy. I tried to turn things around.

The other day bubble wrap worked. This morning it didn't.

Baking (and eating) bucket loads of cookies, surprisingly, didn't work.

Listening to my favourite music at the moment didn't help.

So I tried to take a nap.
"Mummy, Woody said 'There's a snake in my boot!'"
"Mummy! It's funny! Come see!"
"Mummy! Can you fix it?"
"Plain bread!"
Sadie had refused lunch when I gave it to her, so I thought it was fair enough for her to eat. And it was hard to resist Theo's sense of humour. Nap = yeah right.

I went to another pick-me-up that I keep on standby. Ice-cream. In the middle of the day. It helped a little bit.

The thing that really turned things around for me though was, I started cleaning. That was a first. Not the cleaning, but the enjoying it, and the therapy of it. I knew how much of a difference vacuuming makes to the look of the house, but not how much it does for the clutter in my brain! It was awesome.

So right now would be a really ideal time to pop in, if you feel so inclined. Not only do I have plenty of cookies for us to munch on, but the house is looking decent too. Joy.


  1. Sometimes the only thing that will get me out of a really deep funk is doing the dishes and crying into the soapy water. Usually by the time I'm scrubbing down the oven I'm better. I hope it's a better day tomorrow. And by all means, keep giving cookies and ice cream a chance.

  2. and NOW you understand my love of cleaning eh. See you wednesday. Shall I bring something?

    love you xx

  3. I think cleaning is a way to vent it away - even if you don't enjoy feels like you're DOING something...and then you realise the biproduct is feeling less repressed by the mess. And you're exercising...and SO much more. I'm glad it had that effect for you...but sorry you had a bummer day.

  4. Cleaning? Cleaning! A nesting urge?? Are you.....

  5. Dad - If that sentence was meant to finish "crawling back out of that hole you've been hiding in" then the answer is YES. But if it was intended to be finished "pregnant" then NO. Don't worry, I won't be keeping it a secret when that time comes around again.