Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bits and Bobs

1. This evening Nat is hanging out with his best friend/brother-in-law. In his underwear. Yet he thought it was weird the other day when I didn't leave the room my sister was in to try on some clothes that she had brought for me.

2. This evening my mother-in-law called to tell me not to feel guilty about the phone call that Sadie had made from her cellphone earlier today, even though there was a texted reply of "Sorry I missed your call, I was asleep." Apparently this person, who lives alone and just got out of hospital yesterday, thought an almost-two-year-old calling her out of the blue was cute enough to erase any possible guilt. DONE. I carry enough guilt anyway. Not really.

3. I worked up a sweat teaching the 3-year-olds at church today. The class included Theo and his cousin. But surprisingly, they weren't the problem. There wasn't a problem actually. It's just that 8 three-year-olds in a room the size of my kitchen for 45 minutes when they'd all rather be asleep (3-4pm) takes a lot out of you. Understandably.
Favourite moments: one of the girls, when asked to draw a picture of herself, instead drew her brother and said he was good at laughing; all of the girls in the class begging for a turn to hold the baby (doll); my nephew using the baby doll to tell a very physical story that (I think) involved opening the lids of jars that were screwed on very tightly; my nephew acting out when he was born; Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes "really fast", aka, Run Around The Room Waving My Arms And Screaming. Oh, and the children clinging protectively to little strips of paper, just because I said they were special. One boy took it to his mother after class, and she immediately told him to throw it in the rubbish (not knowing what it had been used for in class, it looked like a piece of rubbish). He obeyed. I am not alpha female in his life, and that's ok. That role defaulted back to it's rightful owner bang on 4pm.

4. We've opened the windows and closed the curtains to try and bring down the temperature in our house this evening. Theo went to bed with no pants on and fell asleep with red cheeks. Summer. Is. Awesome.

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