Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's worth it...

While staying at the Resort in Taupo, we spent most of our time in the pool. Most people did. With so many people in such small space, conversations and leisure companions overlap. You meet people. Or if you're antisocial you observe people. You hear what's on their mind.

One girl about 10 years old said to her little sister about 7:
"It's worth it, you know."
Sister 7: "What?"
Sister 10: "You being here. It's worth a bit of a stretch, isn't it?"
Sister 7: "Yep."

One night I went down to the lower, less popular pool around 9:30pm to find a group of 5 girls aged from 7-13 years old. The 13 year old was their competent supervisor from outside the pool. As the only other person at the pool, which was lit by a few lights but surrounded by dark trees, I seemed to be a magnet for "What if..."'s and stories about drowning or otherwise dying alone. At least they were "with an adult" now, to fend off those boys in the trees who had been following them all day. The boys never showed themselves. After the girls left, I went up to the central pool which was full of people until 11pm, closing time.

My kids liked to entertain our neighbours by running in to their rooms through their open patio doors, dancing naked between the curtains and the windows while they were outside lounging in the sun in the shared area outside our rooms, and running up and down a noisy, metal covered elevated walkway in the morning.

When I saw the girls from the pool the next day I heard them whisper to their mothers/fathers and point at me, then they came over to say things like "You didn't tell us you were a mum!" "Remember when we swam at the pool last night?" and "Remember when we freaked you out by talking about all that stuff?". I told them I have two little ones, yes I do and it was fun. They lamented that I wasn't coming to the restaurant like they were/was leaving today/lived in Wellington when they live in Auckland. I wish I knew their names.

When we were waiting to check out I started chatting to another mum who let us use her sons floaty ring and goggles at the pool. She hopes to see me there again next Christmas.

The Resort is pretty huge, but I came to accept that all us guests were in this holiday together. It's like we were all camping out for a large family reunion but without the camping out, we weren't family, we had a lot more privacy, better facilities and socialising was optional. We still got to share a lot of fun moments together though.

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  1. That first conversation between those two girls was priceless. Amazing.

    P.S. Just now Esky asked me to draw a picture of a baby...and then she kissed it. I love her.