Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Of Things That Matter Most

Since this happened last week...

... I've been peeling back the layers of my life and trying to do what needs to be done. We can get back to normal daily routines/expectations/activities later. And what's a surprise to me is that my kids don't seem to mind when I do chores around the house and leave them to their own devices. Either Theo's being wary of his injury, they've developed past a major hurdle recently or I've never given them the chance and leniency that they needed. I managed a whole day yesterday without tv or the iPad, which was a biggy considering how much we all enjoy those activities, how much I rely on them to occupy the kids while I'm busy, and how much I got done around the house without them.

What's not a surprise to me is that they don't like being left to their own devices while I surf the internet or try to do something else at my leisure. They seem to know, those two.

Yesterday a friend brought around a meal and some extra puzzles for us to borrow while Theo is a bit more immobile (bless!). PERFECT timing. Because today wasn't as successful as yesterday, and I really appreciated not needing to prepare dinner. And the biggest challenge is convincing Theo to be careful with himself, and helping him follow through.

I never thought a kid turning up to school/church/anywhere that I saw them was a big deal before now. Oh the oversight that I've been guilty of! Theo's coping amazingly though. He's been acting normally (or trying to) since he woke up after theatre (at 1am, yay for me) when they put the cast on (after 3 hours of manipulation under general anesthetic). I even forgot to give him the pain relief when we were home from hospital and he didn't mind or notice (except occasionally after knocks). We've been very fortunate indeed.


  1. HOLY CATS! What happened?! That x-ray looks like it's straight out of a horror film. Poor kid.

  2. He fell off the playground. Nothing major in the actual event, apart from a mishapen arm. Officially it was a supra condylar humeral fracture. Pretty nasty! All good though. Slap a cast on the boy and he doesn't know the difference

  3. Hey! There you are! Love the new look. My heart goes out to you guys, Brad is in similar shape and it's hard enough for him, poor Theo :( Hope you guys are coping. X