Monday, February 14, 2011

Dedicated to the One I Love

Things I take for granted:

-If you're home I can ask you to make dinner and it's usually tastier than the things that I cook.
-You share the housework load, moreso before you were working full time, but I don't have to be alone on that front when I'm losing the battle.
-You're a clean man. I remember when we were dating you saying you were such a clean person that you thought I was actually a little bit dirty. That was true to reality.
-You have pretty good taste in movies. Only "pretty good" because you don't like period pieces or old movies, and that means you don't even consider a few of my faves, but we meet on movie taste otherwise. I'm so glad you don't make me sit through stuff I can't stand.
-You want to work hard to make sure we always have enough, and we always have.
-You love my family and I love yours.
-We share good humour, even though I don't get you sometimes still.

Thanks honey! Love you.