Thursday, February 10, 2011

I joined the "I stay up late for no reason" Facebook group

There are nights when I know I'm up later than I should be.

You know the scene. I'm reading a good book or finishing a project or catching up on all the blogs I've been meaning to read.

If Nat decides to go to bed without me then I know I've reached a certain line. I have a very small window in which to salvage some quality time if I so desire. If I cut my agenda short and rush to meet him within about 20 minutes, or get there by around 9:20pm, then we can watch some Whose Line, Demetri Martin or TED before sleep. In earlier days we'd play Angry Birds or Galactic Alliance. In even earlier days we'd start a movie at about that time.

Nat's working full time now. And he starts at 7:30am. Things have changed.

He's just caught my cold too.

Tonight when Nat bid me goodnight I really tried. He's been taking nasal spray and lozenges and working through it, so he's super tired. I knew my window was likely smaller tonight. But it was still so early (8:30pm is early, right?). Surely he was waiting for me. I found him fast asleep at 9:15pm and suspect he has been for a while.

Instead of doing the smart thing and likewise claiming an early night, I wrote this post. Because 9:15pm is still pretty early.


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