Friday, February 4, 2011

More than just an Arborist

There was free entertainment running in my neighborhood this afternoon.

(excuse the camera phone quality)

I managed to bake a cake, potter in the kitchen (including snacking on treats away from young hungry eyes) and have a few moments to myself to think, in between watching the display out the window. It's quite a skill/trick/art to take down a tree in the middle of a suburb with almost no backyards. I was fascinated by his method. As were the rest of the household.

Later Theo had a friend over which had the same effect. All was quiet and all were busy. Emptying the toy box, driving fire trucks, coloring in, picking up the house, putting dishes away.

And it was warm today. And I fit in a 30 minute nap (perfect length) in the middle of the day. And I didn't have to make dinner.

I think I would rate today 9/10, only to be improved by sleeping in till 7am and managing to read stories to Sadie without falling asleep afterwards, therefore having even more time during the day. And if Theo would go to sleep instead of rolling around like an insomniac while I type this I think I'd pass into higher double digits.

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