Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Pants

Recently a friend gave me a pair of pants.

I wore them. To a social at church.

Nat said he didn't care about them. Which is normally his answer re: clothes. When I ask him what I should wear to something he normally tells me I should go naked. Meaning he is rarely any help in that department.

My sister said (thanks for letting me know Erika), in the nicest way, "Those aren't the most flattering pants on you".

Then a few women throughout the night lovingly asked me if I was pregnant. Which I'm not. One even gave my tummy a gentle rub (Angela, if you think it's weird for people to touch your tummy when you're pregnant, its even weirder when they touch your tummy when you're not).

Conclusion? I won't wear those pants again.

And I won't post a photo.

The End.


  1. Aww Mariah that sucks! People should never assume that ANY body is pregnant or even ask. If they are they'll surely let you know?
    I think you look fantastic. As does your blog. X

  2. booooooooooo uncool. I think you are looking really really lovely at the moment. Each time I see you I think it. And I maintain that your bum is your best feature xx

  3. I still want the photo. Does that make me mean?

  4. I get that husbands aren't that into clothes, but they should at least be able to notice when we are looking not-so-awesome. I don't do the "do I look fat in this?" nonsense with everything I wear, which means when I do do that nonsense I want honest answers!