Monday, February 28, 2011

Review: Pea Pods Bamboo Liners

Recently Sarah at Kiwi Mummy Blogs sent me some Peapod Bamboo Liners. If you're not interested in looking at pictures of nappies and reading about things relating to my daughters toileting habits then you might want to skip this one. Just saying.

I've been using cloth nappies for almost 4 years, non-stop. When I had Sadie, Theo was 21 months old and still in nappies. When I felt brave enough to start putting the new baby in cloth I decided to potty train Theo so that I didn't have to wash two sets of nappies, but for a while there I was. And ever since he's been trained Sadie's still been in nappies. So. There you have it.

When I was first pregnant a dad at my work showed me his pocket cloth nappies (his child's I mean) with liners. I thought it was a great idea. I kind of wanted to buy them but never got around to it.

At my baby shower I was given three Fuzzi Bunz nappies (now Honey Child in New Zealand), which are modern cloth, pocket and insert type nappies. Then I stocked up on flat, square "old fashioned" cloth nappies from op shops (which come at about $1 a piece bought that way) with various styles of second hand overnappies. Recently I was handed down a bunch (maybe 10?) of second hand, unbranded pocket and insert type nappies that I've used for Sadie for the past few months. But I've never yet bought nappy liners.

NO MORE. I don't think I can go back now.

My sister had used liners before that weren't flushable. I cannot see this working for me. Being able to lift out and flush away the whole mess is the beauty of it all.

Peopod Bamboo Nappy Liners are antibacterial (bonus!), and made from a highly sustainable product. Did you know bamboo can grow up to 1m (3ft) a day?! It's true! I wish we could eat it, it would be the easiest way to grow your own food.

Back to the Pea Pods Bamboo Liners. They come in a packet like a toilet roll or paper towels.

They are thin like a tissue but more durable like a cloth. They feel really nice.

I used them in flat nappies.

And in the pocket and insert nappies. 

They are a bit too wide for some nappies and so you just fold or cut them down to size.

Now I didn't think I would do this. Ever. It seems way too "Mummy blog". But since this is a review for the Pea Pods Bamboo Liners, and I want to be honest about how effective and great they are, here is a picture of...

(are you ready for this?)

... A dirty nappy. After I've lifted out the liner and flushed away the mess. I'm sorry if this is totally grossing you out.

Pretty good huh? AMAZING if you ask me. If you've seen the inside of a dirty nappy before, cloth or not, you must see this is pretty void of the "dirty".

Now obviously sometimes the little one has done some clever manouvering and managed to miss the liner a little bit, but about 50% of my dirty nappies turn out like the one above now (practically clean!) so I'm pretty happy with that.

And if you look at their website you get all this for about $10, for a packet of 100. That's 10c per liner in case you wanted me to work it out for you. Worth it!

I've been thinking that with a younger baby who's deposits run a little differently, using two liners (if folding it didn't double layer the whole thing) might catch all of it well. Don't know. Anyone else tried something like that? How did it go?

So there you have it! Using a liner is totally a good idea. Having a flushable one is even better. I've heard that most come at around that $10 for 100 mark, but Peapods' are antibacterial and totally sustainable. Even better. I think they really are my pick for nappy liners.


  1. Hahaha - that really is a real Mummy Blog Post ;-)! Can't say I've ever read when where they've actually shown the dirty nappy!!!!!!

  2. Great review and top looking product. So many different flushable liners on the market these days. I still like to use washable cloth ones for when we are home though. Marion :)