Sunday, February 20, 2011


I had a great day today.

Great stuff:

-I sang in a choir at stake conference today (Wellington regional church meeting with regional leaders. Lots of people.). We were only asked yesterday to pull out our extra song. We were nervous about it. It went really well. I loved it.
-Sunday afternoon at my in-laws full of the fun toys they have for the kids, yummy snacks, a delicious meal, a nap in there that I hadn't intended and catching up with friends from out of town (and my in-laws friend from NY who let Sadie climb all over him like she was his granddaughter and he couldn't enjoy it more).
-Did I mention the delicious dinner (and dessert)? Those Sunday roasts really make it hard to eat out. Our food standards are just too high, and we are often disappointed.

Then some not so great stuff happened.

Not so great stuff:
-I fell down the two steps outside my in-laws house. I grazed my hand and leg. It was also very embarrassing. My mother-in-law told me I should go back to wearing flats. I probably will, (for a week or two. My legs look too awesome in heels to give them up).
-I was holding Sadie's hand, like she was the one that needed steadying. I pulled her down with me. No grazes for her but she got pretty shaken up from pretty much doing a somersault and landing on her head on a concrete wall.
-Then I clipped Sadie's fingers into her seatbelt.
-Just now I read some horrible stuff on the news about people doing horrible things. Things that make me shudder, then my eyes glaze over while I imagine what a horrible scene it would have been to see, then I come back to reality and feel sad, a little bit like crying and like a pressing weight of all things sad is on my shoulders. I won't inflict that upon you by including a link. And if you really are craving some depression then I'm sure you can find plenty of horrible news stories if you try. And that makes it even worse.
-Then I read a couple of sad but happy blog posts. Sad, hard things happening to people who learned to be strong, find the love of Christ and all sorts of other life lessons through those sad, hard things.


Hopefully I can have a sad but happy ending to my day.


  1. Pools?
    No grazes and only fun allowed?


  2. Did the HORRIBLE news link I shared on FB play a part? Sorry.

  3. Oh no! Mariah, 0. Concrete, 1.
    I had a heels-tumble on Friday night too. Feeling your pain girl.