Thursday, March 10, 2011

More on the weather...

Last week on Wednesday morning this happened:

There were 50 knot (92 km/h!) winds in Wellington and a horrible rainy storm that I walked through to take Theo to Kindy. I had to entirely change my clothes when I got home because I was soaked to the skin despite wearing wet weather gear. 

Then the afternoon looked like this:

Warm and beautiful as ever.

The next couple of days our usual shorts and t-shirt fare continued.

Saturday was drizzly but I was still uncomfortably warm in jeans.

Then Sunday hit.

I planned what to wear that day around the necessity of wearing my fleece lined boots. Long sleeves, layers upon layers, a scarf, and I still felt cold all day long. We had to get out the enormous mink blanket for the bed and the kids slept with jerseys on over their pajamas.

Although I've been back in shorts things haven't been the same since.

I'll miss summer. It's been good and long and I've really settled in to the long evenings, lazy afternoons and laying in the sunshine with the kids.

But Autumn will be wonderful, I'm sure.


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