Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nat strikes again

This happened last night at around 9pm.

Nat: "So. Before you go to bed do you want to go outside and have a look at my scooter?"
Mariah: "Did you buy a scooter?"
N: "Yep."
M: "What?!"
N: "I don't know how to put it any simpler than that."

As if I would be apathetic about him spending almost $900 yesterday, and bringing home a vehicle that I happen to be (legally) able to drive (still need to work on the reality of whether or not I actually can...).

I was absolutely thrilled. And surprised.

Petrol prices are horrendous and Nat driving across town solo to work every day in a car with empty seats was, you know, expensive. We'd been thinking about buying a scooter, browsing trademe. Nat had lost a few auctions as the prices went higher than we were willing to spend. And then what do you know. One turns up at my house.

So we wrapped up in robes and went out for a geeze. I can't wait to ride it.


  1. Wahooooooo it happened. way to go Nat. that's so cool

  2. I think it looks like fun! Can I have a go, Nat?

  3. You might have to take lessons first like me Dad, Nat's pretty protective. Maybe that was just with me. Ican't remember if Nat's aware of your motobike history or not though...? Nat?

  4. Just don't be too over confident and give it too much gas and run straight into a gate....just sayin' *blush*