Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Potty Training

One of my friends called potty training her least favourite parenting requirement ever. I concur. We've just started with Sadie and she's doing remarkably well. I thought she was as good as trained on day three so took her to our neighbours place. We were there for about 45 minutes, and she managed to get poop everywhere. Luckily they have wooden floors and wet wipes work miracles.

Despite that episode things are still going well. And it's still not that fun for me. I don't know how we lasted with Theo, his training took about a year. I must have had the patience of a saint. And where did that go? If you find it, let me know. Actually I think it evaporated the day Sadie grew a two-year-old attitude.

Day 1 - Bare bum all the way.

Day 2 - Graduation to pants!

Day 4 - Back to bare bum after what happened on day 3 (mentioned above). Also more (visiting) children in the mix means pants = too hard.

It's always nicer with company, don't you think? That's not my son on the toilet though, so cropped him out.

After being dry for a whole day Sadie got a magic wand specially bought for her by Johanna. When she manages to do it again she gets a gorgeous little tutu from the same source. I want that day to come as much for the tutu as the progress.
(In this picture Sadie's wearing pyjamas that used to be mine and my two sisters' before that too. My mum was awesome at keeping stuff like this, especially since we moved across the world when I was 3. My parents cut the feet out so that we could keep wearing them after we had actually outgrown them.)


  1. Oh my gosh, they cut the FEET out!!!! That is hilarious!!!!!

  2. Bina pooped in her pants every day for months, and still wears a night nappy (at just-turned-5!) So I have to say I don't feel that sorry for you, lol! (I really need to stop stalking your blog and go to bed, lol)