Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When The Sun Comes Out

The night before:

The morning after:

Theo likes to pick me "beautiful flowers". I like it too. Did you know that dandelions open with the sun? At least the picked ones do. 

I've been feeling a little bit like "the night before" for a while now. Maybe it was the earthquake, maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the time of the month, maybe it was nothing at all, but something put me in a funk.

And then I opened with the sun yesterday. Glad to be back in my shorts, even if it's with my cashmere sweater and ugg boots. Especially with my cashmere sweater and ugg boots. "You're looking pretty desirable" Nat told me last night. I'll take it. That's right, I'm wardrobe encoring yesterdays look today. I'm happy to be desirable two days in a row.

I've been defunked for the past few days now and life is so much better.

More on the weather coming soon...

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