Friday, April 8, 2011


1. Today when I was walking home from playgroup with Sadie, something fell on my head. A bit heavy for a raindrop, I reached up to take what I thought was a piece of dirt or bark from a footpath overhead from my hair.

It was a wasp.

I looked at it, squealed a bit, and then it flew out of my hand. I keep imagining that my head is throbbing underneath the landing spot. But it's not. No sting.

2. Nat got a little job doing admin on The Hobbit a while back. Long story short...
... What was impossible, happened. That little role extended and evolved until they found a place for him and Nat is now contracted and officially working on The Hobbit. They start filming in just over a week.

3. I went to Relief Society last night. It was great, I love Relief Society. I love the women I get to associate with. It was edifying. My favourite thing said that evening was "My daughter will get the bad, I think it comes with life and school. But I can be the good." Thanks Amanda.

4. The other night Nat got home from work in time for the kids to check out the scooter.

Theo loved it.


  1. I can't believe Nat didn't mention that when I spoke with him last night...
    ...when I called for you while you were at RS.

  2. Yay NAT! that is just such great news. Lets hang soon xx

  3. I want a go on the scooter too!

  4. Congrats Nat. That is EXCELLENT news. You definitely deserve this 'fortunate' break. (and the scooter is cool too)
    See you guys soon!!!!! Sadie in your profile picture just kills me. too cute.

  5. I mean your header, not profile pic. but you probably knew that already.

  6. Ange - Well we all know transparent communication is not Nat's forte.
    Johanna - Let me know when you're free!
    Dad - You need to be on the same island first. But sure. Then you can take it for a spin.
    Johanna - Can't wait to get our girls together.

  7. Woohoo GO Nat! That is awesome, well done!!

    I think it's really important to have a group of women to help guide each other through life. SO important.

    Kids are adorable.

  8. That is all SO awesome! Gah, I can't believe I haven't read through the blogs in so long lol miss you guys xx