Friday, April 22, 2011


Behind our house is a concrete pad with a washing line and a garden shed. I once tried to weed the only real patch of grass and found the dirt full of rubbish and rocks and hard to dig through. The patch I cleared was covered over again by weeds within a week. I decided trying to plant a garden out there was not worth my time.

Meanwhile, we had parsley growing under the fence from next door anyway that we would regularly pull through and pick for midnight spaghetti.

This rogue parsley has spread, big time. Today I decided we needed to harvest this volunteering herb before the maintenance guy comes and sprays, as he tends to once in a while.

I was thinking of making parsley and peanut pesto (recommended by a friend). Has anyone else got any other ideas of what to do with this much (already picked) parsley?

It's times like these that I am amazed at the miracle of growth. How do farmers do it? How do they put their trust for their livelihood into the ground that they work? Amazing.


  1. Pesto. Chopped for salads. Soup garnish. Sandwich garnish. Risotto garnish. Garnish.

    Google search Parsley recipes :)

  2. A good ol' meatloaf for dinner one night would use up some too. Oh wait, Nat probably frowns on that.