Monday, April 25, 2011

Not. Cool. #1

After going for a drive recently (me driving) Nat looked at me and said,
"I think we need to sell the manual and buy an automatic."
(My skills aren't so hot yet)

A week later Nat said he was going out to look at a car. He'd just been watching the kids for a couple hours, and I came home to multiple wet patches on the floor and Sadie shut in her bedroom. I thought Nat just needed to get out of the house.


... He came home and said he'd bought a car. Just like that.

A few days later I cleaned our old car out. That was fun.

Then Nat listed it on Trademe.

At 12am that night, the phone rang. It was someone who was very interested in buying our car, even though they live in Palmerston North (is that 3 hours away?). Nat had gotten out of bed because he'd remembered something else he'd forgotten to do and so was up. Which was very unusual for him because he a) doesn't often forget to do things and b) goes to bed around 10pm on work nights.

I had been settled in bed for a while.

I told Nat that I'd woken up feeling crazy. Is that the phone ringing? Is it midnight? Did I fall asleep yet? Am I still asleep? Was that one of the kids? How could one of the kids be making the phone ring? Who would call at this time of night? Cue: multiple worst case scenario's flashing through my mind.

Who does that? Granted Nat had posted the listing for the car at 11pm. But still. Who calls at midnight? And how likely were they to even buy our car when they're in PALMY? As you can see, it's not exactly the type of car you drive across the country to pick up. Who calls at midnight when you're not even going to buy the car that you're calling about? Who DOES that?

Groan. I was not amused. It took a while shake that crazed mind feeling and to settle back to sleep.

A week later we sold the car. To a student here in Wellington buying their first. And I've been driving* ever since.

*(closely supervised, in the weekends when Nat's home, to and fro for errands as well as practise drives)


  1. So, where's the pic of the NEW car?????????

  2. I'm with The car pics please. Good on you for getting out there driving, i find it scary enough out here in the 'burbs. Go M!

  3. If the phone rings after 10 I instantly assume that someone has died. My sister once called me at 11pm, which woke me up and made me panic and I wasn't exactly pleasant until she told me that she had just gotten engaged. I still think it could have waited until morning.

    Good luck with the manual. It's fun once you get the hang of it.

  4. I hate the phone ringing generally, so I cannot tell you how rude I would be to someone calling that late.

    Also, Nat is hilarious. And quite weird...but mostly hilarious.

  5. Pictures of the new car will be forthcoming!