Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not. Cool. #2

The other night I went to a friend's place with my sister Erika. She dropped me off home at about 10:30pm. Time for bed.

At 11pm there was a knock at the door. I had taken my contact lenses out and my glasses were broken (since fixed!), so I was going downstairs half blind (first mistake).

I looked through the dirty peep hole, poorly situated beneath the door knob. I couldn't see anyone (big surprise). With the chain secure, I answered the door. I still couldn't see anyone. This is what happened next.

"Mmmfhrumphumph." (low rumbling)
*murmur, murmur* *cackle* (definitely male)
"Who's there?"
"You're love." (in a 'bro' accent)
"You're love!" *guffaw*
"Why are you knocking on my door?"
"Because I love you!"

I shut the door.
I ran upstairs.
I shook my true love awake and said something like:

"Someone just knocked on the door. I couldn't see them. They said they were my love. They sounded dodgy. I think they might steal the scooter. Can you check out the window? because I can't see a thing."

After spending a few minutes deciphering what in the world was going on (being woken in the night in an odd way is never a comprehensible experience) Nat peeped out the curtains. But whoever that was could have been anywhere by then. Nat couldn't see anyone.

For the next hour and a half I lay awake listening for the criminals I was sure were about to storm our home. Every time I heard the scooter cover moving I would go and check the window. It was a windy night. I was at the window a lot.

At midnight a road work crew beeped their way down the street to mark the newly resurfaced road. Of all things that's what made me feel a bit more at ease.

Anyway. I've decided that knocking on someone's door late at night to play a trick, any sort of trick, is not. cool. There are other factors in my life that cause me to lose enough sleep. So no thanks.


  1. It's school holidays it was probs naughty kids! What other factors? Hope you're ok X

  2. oh man, that is so dumb. I would have been scared out of my socks.

  3. scary, i would have got my hub to answer the door in the first place cos I'd be WAY too scared... and wouldn't get back to sleep I'm sure!!

  4. We lived in a somewhat shady neighbourhood when I was 11-12yrs. The previous tenant had moved (hurriedly methinks...?) without leaving a forwarding address.

    Anyway, we soon found out a possible reason why - every so often a man came by at night (poss. inebriated?) to pound on our door and demand to be let in. He never really gave us any info except "It's me Victor!! Let me in!" - he would repeat this phrase over and over - in between door poundings - only becoming more insistent that it was "Victor!" and that we should let him IN with each response that we neither knew who he was, nor were we willing to let him in.
    He would eventually leave.

    We left this house after only having lived there 2yrs!