Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hamilton Highlights

I went up to the LDS temple last week. My mum drove me up the 7-9 hours to get there and then watched the kids Wed-Fri from 8am-5:30pm while I worked in the temple. That was the longest I'd been away from the kids, especially because it was on subsequent days, and not in a "I can't believe I left my children with someone else!" sort of a way but in a "Huh, come to think of it" kind of a way. It was nice.

Things that were special:
- Listening to the snuffling of my children, the snoring of my mother and the one time that Theo talked in his sleep, while we all shared a room in the old Church College dorms. I wasn't disturbed by others sleep sounds, I liked it.
- A couple had come up from Wellington to be sealed in the temple. I didn't go to the ceremony, but when people were lining up to congratulate them afterwards everyone was so happy that I jumped in the line and hugged them both too. I hoped the groom would think I was a friend of the brides and the bride would think I was a friend of the grooms. I didn't know either of them. It was still nice. Such a happy moment.
- On subsequent days after the sealing (the couple had been married civilly months before, and so had already had a honeymoon. The sealing is the after this life part of the marriage) I kept catching this couple gazing lovingly at each other. Especially the groom, adoring his wife. It was lovely.
- I got to know the bride.
- I got to know and spend time with lots of other people that I don't normally spend time with. The temple is such a peaceful, happy place to be with others.

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